Saxon Colours and Standards Plates

Information on Saxon colours and standards is largely based on the captured items in the Swedish State Trophy Collection and illustrations of these trophies by Olof Hoffman and Jonas Jonsson. Arne Danielssons article, August den Starkes Sachsiska Fanor that appeared in the Armemuseum Meddelande XXXXVIII discusses the Saxon colours and standards in the Trophy Collection. There are also a few illustrations and written descriptions in Johann Edmund Hottenroths, Geschichte der schsischen Fahnen und Standarten. Finally, there is Providentiae Memor by Johannes Eichhorn, which is a series of color plates of Saxon flags throughout history. Much of the information in Hottenroth is based on the Swedish Trophy Collection, but he does include descriptions of colours and standards that were turned-in or issued by the Main Arsenal in Dresden. Unfortunately, these descriptions for the most part only include the color. The design is not mentioned. Eichorn too uses the Swedish Trophy Collection; although, he does included a couple of standards that are unique to his work.

Like most contemporary armies of the period, every company of infantry, cuirassier and dragoons carried a colour or standard. The colour or standard carried by the Colonels (Inhabers) or Leib Company was white, while the other companies carried ones that were colored, usually corresponding to the facing color of the unit. The large number of losses, however, resulted in older colours and standards, or ones from units that had been disband, being issued as replacements from the Dresden Main Arsenal. As a result, a unit could have a numbered of different colours and standards.

According to Arne Danielson, no regulations concerning colors and standards have been found, but there are records of payments for colours in 1696, 1698 and 1700. Thus we are left with only the physical evidence of surviving colours and standards, and notes of issues and turn-ins from the Main Arsenal in Dresden.