Danish Uniforms, Colours and Standards, 1675-79 by Olaf Hasselager, Torstein Snorrason and Søren Henriksen 3.9MB
Danish Uniforms 1699-1720 by Dan Schorr 3MB
Det Kongelige Garnisonsbibliotek (Royal Danish Garrison Library) by P.I. Liebe, E. Borgstrøm, and Hans Chr. Wolter
Notes On The Norwegian Army by Daniel A. Schorr 1.6MB
The Organization of the Lithuania Army 1653-1667 by Jan Wimmer
The Organization of the Polish and Lithuanian Armies ca. 1702 by Michal Paradowski
Small Polish-English Dictionary of XVII Century Warfare by Michal Paradowski
Notes On The Russian Army Of The 17th Century by Vladimir Velikanov
The Russian Regiments Raised By Peter The Great For The 1700 Campaign by Vladimir Velikanov
Great Northern War Russian Infantry Colours Pre-1712 by Vladimir Velikanov
Notes On Russian Old Army Units In The Great Northern War by Vladimir Velikanov
The Bromberg Trophies 1657 (Swedish) by Dan Schorr 2.7MB
Flags Of The Ukraine Cossack Armies 1651 by Vic Pocilujko
Battle of Czarnow (Zarnow) 6 September 1655
Battle of Wojnicz 23 September 1655
Battle of Golombi (Golab) 8 February 1656
The Russian Army at the Siege of Riga 1656 by Vladimir Velikanov 2.2MB
Russian Army At Grodno 1657 by Vlad Velikanov
Battle of Halmstad 1676
Battle of Lund 1676
Battle of Landskrona 1677
Battle of Erastfehr 30 December 1701
Battle of Hummelshof/Sagnitz 19 July 1702
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Schippenbach's Army of Livland 1701-1702 by Otto Sjögren
Battle of Jacobstadt 1704 by Hugo E. Uddgren 1.2MB
Battle of Posen 1704 by Oskar Sjöström
Battle of Punitz 1704 by Oskar Sjöström
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Battle of Warsaw 1705 by Oskar Sjöström 4.5MB
Battle of Kalisz 1706 by Jan Wimmer 1.3MB
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Skirmish at Fjelkinge 1710 by Poul Ib Liebe
Battle of Wismar 1711 by Poul Ib Liebe
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Battle of Stresow and the Conquest of Rügen 1715 by Poul Ib Liebe
Notes On The Saxon Army 1700-1716 by Jan Wimmer 14MB