Notes on the Norwegian Army


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Daniel A. Schorr
With assistance from Erik Aagaard and Torstein Snorrason

Illustrations - Søren Henriksen
Uniform Schematics - Dan Schorr

© Daniel A. Schorr December 2001

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The Norwegian Army played a central role in the final stages of the Great Northern War. Two Swedish invasions, 1716 and 1718, were repulsed, and the offensive operations into Swedish territory in 1719 and 1720 contributed to the successful conclusion of the war. The history of the Norwegian Army's involvement in the war and its organization are adequately covered by a wide assortment of literature, most of which is in Norwegian. On the other hand, there is little in any language on Norwegian uniforms and colours for this period. C.A. Sapherson in his booklet, The Danish Army 1699-1715, provides a brief overview of the Norwegian Army in 1700, but there is nothing on the subsequent years. Lars-Eric Höglund and Åke Sallnäs' book, The Great Northern War 1700-1721, Uniforms and Colours, provides some additional uniform information on the Norwegian Army, but lacks details.

These pages are an attempt to provide a comprehensive picture of the organization, uniforms and colours of the Norwegian Army 1700-1720. They are a work in progress, and it is hoped that they will be expanded as new information becomes available.

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Infantry and Dragoon Colours

Short History of the Eleven Years War, 1709-1720   (PDF download (2.7MB))

Northern Wars
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