This color plate illustrates a sample of Norwegian dragoon and infantry uniforms 1700-1720. No original color illustrations or pictures from the period have been found. The uniforms and equipment are based on textual information from a variety of sources, and are a "best guess" as to actual appearance.

(From left to right)

Dragoon, 2. Søndenfjeldske Dragonregiment ca. 1716.  Norwegian dragoons were normally equipped with one pistol and an axe. The latter was particularly useful in the terrain in which the dragoons normally operated. The monogram and crown in the rear corner of the saddlecloth could be in yellow. Also, a Norwegian Lion in yellow could have been used instead of the monogram and crown.

Musketeer, Norske Geworbne Regiment ca. 1717, as he would have appeared following the regiment's return from service with the Danish Army in Northern Germany. The National regiments wore a uniform similar in cut in appearance.

Noncommissioned Officer, Akershusiske National Regiment ca. 1702. He carries the traditional sign of NCO rank, a cane. The vertical pockets are questionable. More probable are horizontal pockets with three buttons. The red, white and green braid on the kabuds could be replaced with silver lace, another NCO rank insignia.

Skiløper ca. 1711. In addition to his standard issue, the skiløper is equipped with mittens and linen gaiters, suitable for the conditions in which he was expected to operate. He also carries an axe, which also was not an issue item, but rather a personal one. Fyrrør wore the same uniform.

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