Olaf Hasselager and Torstein Snorrason
Illustrations - Søren Henriksen

© Hasselager, Snorrason, Henriksen and Schorr December 2000

[The illustrations from the Rosenborg Tapestries are used with the gracious permission of The Royal Danish Collections and come from the books, Christian den Femtes Rosenborgtapeter fra den Skaanske Krig and The Rosenborg Tapestries.]


Table of Contents

                                                                                   * Introduction

                                                                                   * Infantry

                                                                                   * Cavalry and Dragoons

                                                                                   * Artillery


This is still very much a work in progress. Rather than wait until we were absolutely certain of all aspects, we have decided to present our finds to date. Missing is a detailed study of colours and standards, as well as information on the Norwegian Army. Work is in progress on colours and standards, and we would to have it available in the coming year. We would like to hear from anyone that may have additional information, especially as it relates to the various auxiliary corps which were in Danish service, particularly uniforms, colours and standards; and the Norwegian Army.



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